Symphony of Prayers for chamber orchestra

The legacy of Lithuanian composer Vytautas Laurušas, a recipient of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize, pedagogue, professor, is quite rich – from song and opera to modern symphonic, vocal, choral and instrumental chamber works. Unexpected twists and turns of thought and emotion in Laurušas’ music has always kept the listener amazed.

The composer’s last creative period was especially productive. Symphony of Prayers, composed in 2000 and dedicated to prof. Saulius Sondeckis, is one of Laurušas’ most emotionally charged works of the late period. “This composition is a meditative state of the composer, a certain confession, a lively narrative, prayer, auto-irony… The path to such an open, nay musical symbol – a motif of a particular chant. From silence through the hustle and bustle of life to prayer. Indeed, music has the power to symbolically arouse and give structure to people’s fundamental connection with themselves and the world – directly and specifically. Music can achieve this, because through its effect – “revelation” – it seems to unite and concentrate the meanings that the listener recognizes as his own”, wrote musicologist John Shepherd.

Laurušas’ emotional score is performed by the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestro Robertas Šervenikas.

PUBLISHED: 2021-02-25