The goal of this project is bringing audience as close to music as possible. The creation of digital concert hall does not aim to replace the real one. Concert attendance is a process of multiple layers. It covers live participation, real-time emotions, social life, possibility of sharing impressions here and now, historical atmosphere of the hall itself.


It is a huge step in Lithuania evolving classical music. We emphasize the necessity of audience participation in cultural process not only occasionally but permanently, using the environment which includes the best quality products available regardless of time, distance or other conditions. The most important European concert halls are already in internet.


However, the modified life tempo and technological variety gives an opportunity of being present in the world of classical music constantly, discovering the concerts, which have been heard before as well as discovering the music, which will next time guide You to the live concert.


Advanced techniques, video broadcasting methods, sound record quality and interactivity are forming a new approach towards classical music while quality creates the feeling of reality. Resident Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society performers such as Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, Čiurlionis’ String Quartet, Vilnius String Quartet and other “take concerts” in the virtual record hall.