Sicilienne from Keyboard concerto in D minor, BWV 596


Chaconne from Partita for violin No.2 in D minor, BWV 1004

“Music is a path to the divine, an architectural poetry of vibrations. I believe that the musician’s mission is to open this path in the purest way and to share the unforgettable beauty of a sound world imprinted in time”, says Latvian pianist Georgijs Osokins. He came to international attention at the age of nineteen. The young pianist was one of the most striking participants in the prestigious Chopin Competition in 2015 and has been described by critics as “exceptional and unpredictable”.

“My biggest dream, which is not destined to come true, is that I go on stage to give a concert without having announced the programme beforehand,” Osokins joked before a concert at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Concert Hall. For his solo performance, the pianist chose Sicilienne from Antonio Vivaldi’s Keyboard concerto in D minor, the transcription of which was made by Johann Sebastian Bach, and one of the performer’s favourite pieces – Ferruccio Busoni’s transcription of Chaconne from Bach’s Partita for violin No.2 in D minor. “These works are closely related to Bach’s Partita No.5 in G major. What impresses me most is the composer’s ability, knowing that he never left his native Germany, to convey in his works or in his arrangements the characteristics of the cultures of other countries, such as French, Italian, English, Polish, Spanish. This is one of the more interesting layers of Bach’s oeuvre,” said the pianist.

PUBLISHED:  2023-03-22