Milky Way

Instrumental music predominates in the oeuvre of Lithuanian composer Arvydas Malcys. In his work, the pure music is in harmony with the expressionist imagery and impressionist poetic sonorities, the neoclassical sense of form – with the elements of aleatorics and sonoristics. Thanks to his refined timbre hearing, the composer pays a lot of attention to the colours and registers of different instruments. Expert of the specific peculiarities of the instruments, Malcys operates in a wide range of their expressive possibilities and combinations, imbuing them with vividly personalized, “theatrical” characters. The composer’s music abounds with contrasting juxtapositions, grotesque and irony. Milky Way (2004) ranks among his evergreens. “It is a post scriptum to Mozart, or classicism in a wider sense. A musical adventure, musical entertainment, which I wanted to be as light and nonchalant as Mozart’s piece. This is the return to tonal music with a number of modulations and sequences. When thinking of Mozart, I always return to my youth and the music I used to listen to…”, says the composer.

A. Malcys light-hearted composition is performed by the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of maestro Robertas Šervenikas.

PUBLISHED:  2018-02-24