Suite Appalachian Spring

“Aaron Copland was the first and probably the last American classic, whose greatness and significance are beyond doubt. If we would consider the 20th century as a centenary of America,  Copland, born at its beginning, would become a symbol of the nation formed during this period”, the Los Angeles Times wrote. Although the famous composer was born in Brooklyn, his father came from Šiauliai and his mother – from Vištytis. Copland created a peculiar style influenced by neoclassicism, impressionism and jazz. The composer often used elements of folk music of various U.S. nations, ambitiously sought to shape American national music. One of the most outstanding works of Copland is the ballet Appalachian Spring, written in 1944 upon the commission of the famous dancer and choreographer Martha Graham. For music for the ballet the composer was awarded the 1945 Pulitzer Prize. The same year, Copland wrote a namesake suite for a large orchestra. The original ballet consisted of 14 scenes, and for the ballet-based suite the composer selected eight sections. The music subtly captures the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, which is picturesquely revealed via timbre colours of the orchestral instruments, contrasts and elements of American folklore. The suite’s seventh movement employs the anthem of the American Shaker community, The Gift To Be Simple.

With this suite the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Modestas Pitrėnas opened the Lithuanian National Philharmonic 78th concert season in 2018.

PUBLISHED:  2018-09-14