Symphonic Dances from the musical West Side Story

“I wouldn’t be able to get through a single day without music”, said Leonard Bernstein, the American composer of musicals. Every encounter with his music reminds us of these words. A conductor, pianist and music educator of extraordinary talent, Bernstein is often hailed by critics as the most successful musician in the history of the United States. The musicals he wrote for Broadway theatres stand out from his legacy. West Side Story is a legendary musical that was the first to address the pressing issues of American youth at the time and to sensitively portray the tragic story of two loving hearts, that of Maria, a Puerto Rican, and Tony, an American. This musical turned a new page in the history of musical theatre and blurred the line between classical and popular music. Often performed in concert halls is Symphonic Dances from West Side Story, a suite of individual musical numbers, depicting the hate-filled, noisy street gang fights and the dreams of lovers, which invites to immerse in life in the USA during the 1950s.

Bernstein’s lively Symphonic Dances are performed by the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. Conducted by Maestro Modestas Barkauskas.

PUBLISHED: 2022-12-10