Professor Vytautas Barkauskas, the recipient of the Lithuanian National Prize, who departed this life last year, was one of the most famous and prolific Lithuanian contemporary composers.

The concert, which honours the memory of the composer Barkauskas and the 90th anniversary of his birth, features opuses composed over several decades – from Partita for solo violin to Two Monologues for solo viola (in this case, the latest version of the work). The monologues of the latter opus begin with an intimate conversation with oneself, full of hesitation and persistent effort to escape from the vicious circle of obsessive thoughts until finally the melody breaks off, offering no way out. The second monologue presents some alternative – a sweet illusion of love, but the repeatedly intervening interval of augmented 4th (tritone) keeps bringing the previous state, permeated with indecision and uncertainty, back. “Just as in life”, said the composer.

Reciprocity with the listeners, who always discover unexpected twists and characters in his music, and the performers, who to this day play his music as a valuable content of unique modern expression and human emotion, was very important to Barkauskas. “It all comes from creative interchange between the composer and performer. I think it is very important for the composer that the performer not only premieres the work, but also voluntarily choses to perform it later on. I would like to emphasize a connection, which is very important for me – the performer’s desire to play a specific work and the audience’s desire to listen to it. Then the work travels the world”, said the composer. This concert will feature Lithuania’s foremost performing forces, brought together by the National Philharmonic Society to honour the composer who is acknowledged by and dear to everyone.

PUBLISHED: 2021-04-25