David’s Song for cello and strings

The music of Anatolijus Šenderovas, one of the most famous contemporary Lithuanian composers, the winner of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize, stands out for its individualistic style, open emotionality, melodiousness and moderate use of modern sometimes even the most radical expression means. Thanks to his sincere music, the composer was able to conquer the heart of every listener. Commissioned by the Kronberg Academy (Germany) in 2006, David’s Song for the cello and string quartet was dedicated to the composer’s long-time creative partner and friend David Geringas on occasion of his 60th anniversary. Geringas and the Vilnius String Quartet premiered the opus in Kronberg. David’s Song opens with the cello’s expressive soliloquy that is followed by its lyrical tenor, which is associated with the psalmody tradition. The composition focuses on the expressiveness of the sound, articulation and the cello’s delicate timbre. Alongside the nostalgic cantilena, the opus features the dramatic and energetic episodes as well as voices of the instrumentalists themselves.

Cellist David Geringas and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra perform version for cello and strings arranged by Šenderovas in 2018.

PUBLISHED:  2018-05-16